Friday, November 16, 2012

Photo Coasters

I wanted to make some affordable gifts for Christmas.  I began searching on Pinterest for some ideas.  I came across photo coasters.  I discovered that they are quite affordable and easy to make.  I went to the hardware store and bought some 4x4 inch white kitchen tiles.  They cost $0.16 each.  I made Mod Podge (see Mod Podge post about how to do so), I printed 4x6 pictures and bought acrylic sealer and felt furniture buttons.  Oh.  To start you want to cut your pictures to size.  You need to select pictures that you can cut 2 inches of off.  I used a paper/photo cutter I bought at Target. 

You want to have all the photos cut before you start.  The Mod Podge sticks quickly, so you will want to be ready.  Use a foam brush and apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the tile. 

Position the picture onto the tile, you won't have long to reposition it.  Once its centered make sure you get all the bubbles out. 

Once all of the tiles have been Mod Podged onto the tiles, Mod Podge a thin layer onto the top of the photos.
Allow to dry.  You will notice some streaks on the photos.  Don't worry about them.  You will want to Mod Podge another layer and let dry completely.  You will want to do this 3-5 times.

Once the Mod Podge layers are dry you will want to spray with acrylic spray and allow to dry. Once they are dry you can add the felt buttons on the back of the tiles.

Thats about it!  The project was easy and fun.  I will be making lots of these for Christmas presents.  At a cost of $2.50 for a set of 5, how can I go wrong.  Unitl next time, happy pinning.

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